Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anderson N-Desk v2.00(18) s60v5 signed {ovi Version}


Utilities - 0.14 MB

N-Desk is a good software which provides a better way managing your application like iphone. It is the best option for replacing your menu application on your phone. Much more faster! Much more beautiful!
Let N-Desk make you love your Nokia phone more. N-Desk might be the best desktop software for Nokia S60 phones. It is the best option to make your S60 phone better than iphone! By installing N-Desk, you can:
1. Slide your screen amazingly fast and smoothly!
2. Change your applications' icon position easily!
3. Choose different icon layouts! Supporting 5 rows X 3 columns, 5 X 4, 6 X 3 and 6 X 4. You may not have seen this function in any other S60 desktop soft!
4. Choose any color you want! N-Desk can change all the images to the color you select!

And also N-Desk is:
1. The smallest S60 desktop application, least storage consuming, only 150KB!
2. The least memory consuming application!
3. Very strong desktop application, never crash during my test!
It might be:
The only one application you don t want to uninstall once you have tried it!

Download :

Anderson N-Desk v. 2.00(18) s60v5 Signed {ovi Version}

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