Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Super SIS v.03 EN By mEnPDA (python)

- a powerful and quick tool to pack & unpack applications and themes for s60v3 v5
- very fast in unpack & pack - able to add more optional components to the pkg
- able to edit all the details of the pkg :
* installation name
* compatible model
* softwer version
* softwer uid
* vendor
* intstallation type
* installation language
- able to add more compatible model ( platform) to the pkg :
* s60 third edition
* s60 fifth edtiton
* symbian^3
- able to pack and unpack the Exe files
- able to chenge the permissions assistant to exe files

and more..

..Two thumb up for this app..

see the small toturail..

you may need to install PIPS 1.6 to run SupeSis

Download :
SuperPackSis 0.3 E By mEnPDA Team

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