Thursday, November 11, 2010

SBSH FExplorer Pro v2.20 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed Full (Trick)


Powerful set of utilities that are missing with S60 phones for advanced users. Including the most robust file explorer with file searching, ZIP files management, image viewer and more! Screen capture utility, flashlight, memory defragment, advanced phone and network info tools and much more!
NEW! - FExplorer Pro 2.20 released! New version introduce new toolbar designed for use with 5th edition touch screen devices, media free memory space gauge, new powerful task management features and much more!

Utilities Package

FExplorer Pro is a set of essential tools that are missing with the S60 platform. FExplorer Pro tools set is designed to complement your S60 phone in the best possible way! FExplorer Pro utilities are divided to sections: Robust File Explorer, Tools and Phone Utilities.

File Explorer

* NEW! Send files through bluetooth, email or any additional transmission hardware available on your phone model
*NEW! Direct access to files located in your inbox
* Robust File Explorer tool to easily browse and manage your phone files!
ZIP files support. Compress and extract ZIP files with your mobile phone
* File management: create, delete, rename files and folders
* Manage file attributes
* File searching
* Image viewer
* File editor (Hex, Binary, ASCII Text and Unicode Text)

NEW! Tasks Manager

* View a complete list of all currently running tasks (processes) on your phone
* Get full information about each running task
* Use robust task management utilities: switch to, close process and kill running tasks


* NEW! Use Restart utility to easily restart your phone (supporting majority of S60 phones)
* NEW! Monitor used memory with a special popup box visible at the foreground of any application!
* Offers a set of useful tools that enhance your phone's functionality
* Screenshot utility used to take screen captures of your phone screen
* Use the Backlight utility to transform your phone to a flash light when you need it the most!
* Activate/disable the Bluetooth connection
* Defrag your phone's memory using the Compress Memory utility to improve your phone's performance
* Developers and advanced users can use the Installed applications utility to generate a list of all installed apps on the device, including their path and application UID
* Dump file list is another tool for advanced users to dump all files and folders within the phone to a text file.

Phone Utilities

* NEW! Fonts Info utility provides a full list of all fonts installed on your phone
* Phone related utilities including system details about your phone, network and more
* Phone Info utility providing you system information about your phone, such as firmware version, IMEI number and more
* Network Info utility for advanced network details. This brings details such as network area ID, connected cell ID, network information and more
* Media Info utility providing you with technical details and system information about the memory card currently used, when available.

Changelog: Ver 2.2, 11/09/2010

* NEW: FExplorer Pro IS NOW MULTI-LANGUAGE ! - this is the most important new feature (available languages today are :
Brazilian, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish; all languages are available at any time, you can switch from one language to another at runtime !)
* NEW: at the first install, FEP takes care of the theme color (to avoid black list if the theme is black for example).
* NEW: in the settings, a new color has been added for the lists : 'theme' which uses the current color from the theme.
* NEW: FEP integrates its own image (picture) viewer.
* NEW: On the 5th edition, you can swap from image to image (in the internal picture viewer) using your finger.
* NEW: a 'tool' has been added : Ping ! to ping any IP address/server name.
* NEW: in the 'tools', the bluetooth can be activated without calling the build-in UI.
* BUG FIX: in some cases, FEP crashed after the 'tasks' tab.
* BUG FIX: when a zip file is opended, the files inside can be extracted.
* Some minors bugs fixed.

>>> NOTE :
Trick to have a full version 2.20.
1) First install Retail Signed Version 2.01 provided in the .rar file
2) Start the application once and then exit.
3) Then install the Trial Version 2.20 provided in the rar file overwriting v2.01
4) Voila. No need for the cracked unsigned version. Enjoy the new retail signed version
Download :
SBSH FExplorer Pro v2.20 S60v3/5 SymbianOS9.x Signed Full (Trick)

Working awesome on my 5800

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