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[Update] iDialer v1.02 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9x Unsigned En Translated by Kienvp@SymPViet

iDialer v1.02 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9x Unsigned En Translated by Kienvp@SymPViet [Update]

Software :

1. Mix search Mode: support Chinese characters search modes like Full spell, Short spell, English letters, Numbers.
2. Whole cardcase search: support global searching of contact's name, number, company, position, title, nickname and application in cardcase.
3. Perfect support of polyphone, rare characters, It can show single person with several phone numbers by folding number list.
4. Intelligent sorting: iDialer can list the phone number by the frequency sorting,more using, more suitable for yourself.
5. Convenient operation:
Adopt nokia classic nine- patch interface. iDialer on Symbian S60V3 support fast operation to the direction keys and the numeric keys.
iDialer on Symbian S60 V5 and Symbian^3 follow the operation of bubble moving and gestures operation like left stroke or right stroke.
6. Perfect connection with Free-iSMS, it can call Free-iSMS' messages and view the dialog of sms.
7. Function can save communication costs by IP dial-up and display number where it belong to.
Update Notes:


1. The new program homepage add new function: recently contact person(show the latest five contacts inside bubble), and could carry on dial-up or send messages by quick operation.
2. New search function, support program icon and installation location,display formats of progress.
3. New share function, can use SMS and bluetooth to share Free-iSMS sisx.
4. Scope of oontact search expand, matching nickname and appellation.

Program optimization:
1. improve search algorithm, fast response speed.
2. Optimization bubbles display style, not cover contact number.
Problem fixed:
1. Correct the problem when no network access point , iDialer will display error.
2. Fixed problem when part phone (N97) pressing function key will enter the system connection records.
3. Fixed problem when four more phone numbers exist in list , the list can't move up and down.

Known problems:
1. Not yet solved mobile screen problem when switching, cannot use iDialer.
Installation information .

Change Log:

1. Add the function of browser bookmarks search: by bookmark name, you can quickly search the browser bookmarks;
a. Users can now import the built-in browser, and browser bookmarks UC (in the MR, FP1, FP2 phone comes with a browser and the browser's 7.5 UC official version of the test);
b. UC installed phone browser, to give priority to open bookmarks with UC;
c. Users can dial in the settings page to bookmark love management operations: create, edit, delete, import, etc.;
d. recent contacts have been added to answer the phone and not answer the phone.

2. New program searches for black and white list feature: Users can set a program in the search results list is displayed

Beautification programs:
1. Optimization love the UI interface dial dial, display more beautiful;
2. Jiugongge icon from Mo eat mcc


1. Fixed dialing love running in the background, the installation of the application led to the collapse of love dial-up problems;

Known issues:
1. Love dial-up for the first time started, click on the icon will be flashing love a dial to set the interface problem, not yet resolved;
2. Love dial-up connection data line, it will lose the icon of the problem, not yet resolved.

PS 1.0: does not support java class program in black and white list settings
PS 2.0: uninstall love dial-up yet to achieve the background monitoring, so delete the program, only to restart love dial-up, will refresh the list of programs
PS 3.0: Please uninstall previous version before installing the new version.

Download :
iDialer v1.02 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9x Unsigned En Translated by Kienvp@SymPViet

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Mav jg ya gan? Saya jg kurg tau, mungkin tmen2 yg lain ad yg tau..

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