Friday, February 18, 2011

QTStore v1.1.1 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS 9.x Signed

QTStore v1.1.1 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS 9.x Signed

QTStore is similar to Ovi store, you can download apps, games, themes, wallpapers (and more) without pay.

Changelog version 1.1.1:
* fixed and updated english and russian translation
* new ui
* section pop-up: now you can jump to another section with one click!
* added also smartinstaller version (for unhacked devices): required qt libraries will be downloaded automatically

Tested: 5800,5530,X6,52XX,N8,C6,N97,C7 (symbian 9.4 s60v5 and symbian^3)
Not tested: satio, omniaHD, vivaz

- The Dark Side is an alternative store with cracked apps
- Shuriken Starz Repository is another Repo for QtStore.

Download :
QtStore v1.1.1 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS 9.x Signed

Note: You should installed NOKIA QT v4.7.1 to run this application then mobility v1.0.2
If you dont have download from here

* Nokia Qt v4.7.1 S^3 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed

* Qt Mobility v1.02 s60v3 s60v5 s^3 Express Signed

* GeckoRepo

* Shuriken Starz Repository

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