Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Opera Mini Mod (OPMOD) 4.2 Test 16 Rev 2 Handler UI 200 beta 4

Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 16 Rev2 Handler UI 200

This Opmod Handler have awaited anf of course has many advantages as well as having a lot of improvement compared to previous versions.
List of changes

=> In the boot selection added type URL Encode - the type of coding links. Designed to create the correct query, because the deviation from the standards of some sites to generate links and taking requests.

=> Changing the method of determining locations and links on the page.
=> Disabling the original method storing pages: If not included preserving the original name, the page is saved without changing the name of dialogue.
On the home page link to the saved results to a folder in FM.
In the bookmarks item saved pages offline.
=> In the bootstrap refinement errors in injection: a file system error and error reading from server.
=> link in the menu commands have been added to open links in a new \ private background tab.

=> When the jackdaw "paste text without having to upgrade, when you paste text, larger than the remaining space in the box, the program could take off with an error. Now the text in such a case to stick with the upgrade.
=> In the file manager does not work rename the folder with the change of register.
=> If you are using on the disk cache, in the current settings page is not maintained the value of mobile species and images for this page.
=> in bootloader changes in de-coding the links, already containing the encoded part (% 20 instead of the space, etc.) and links encoded in the win-1251 and not in utf (% C4% E5% F2% F1% etc.).
=> Edit drawing tabs.
=> With the empty Stories menu item was active in Mark

What's the new
Opera Mini 4.2 Test 16

Download :

* Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 16 Rev2 Handler UI 200 b4.jar

* Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 16 Rev2 Handler UI 200

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