Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MiniLyrics v7.0.676 incl Keygen CORE {Download Lyrics For Songs Played On TTPOD}

MiniLyrics v7.0.676 incl Keygen CORE {Download Lyrics For Songs Played On TTPOD}

Minilyrics is a fancy synchronized lyrics viewer that will display lyrics automatically. You can follow along with the artist and catch every word. It is skinnable, has cool display styles.The lyrics database expands every day. MiniLyrics support most of popular players, including Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Foobar2000, Realplayer, MediaMonkey, JetAudio, XMPlay, Yahoo Music jukebox, Quintessential Player, MusicMatch Jukebox, The KMPlayer, Media Jukebox and J.R Media Center. Minilyrics supports load/save ID3v2 synchronized/Unsynchronized lyrics. You can view lyrics in Windows Media Player, iTunes and iPod. It is the most easy-to-use lrc lyrics editor. It only take a few minutes to make a synchronized lyrics.

Changes in 7.0.676:
- New: Support AIMP3
- Fixed: Support unicode for Winamp (Winamp title may be while playing Chinese or Japanese song files).

MiniLyrics For Symbian TTPOD:
- MiniLyric has huge database of lyrics more than TTPOD has.
- MiniLyric have same LRC files that TTPOD use.
So, we can download lyrics using MiniLyrics and copy them to TTPOD Lyrics folder instead of using TTPOD small database service.

1. Download and install MiniLyrics
2. Plug your phone to PC using USB and select Data Transfer
3. Connect your PC to internet
4. Open your music directory on phone memory card and play all files on your music player (you can use Winamp or WMP, or any player that supported by MiniLyrics)
5. Wait for few second until lyric has been downloaded and then you can proceed to next song
6. Downloaded lyrics can be found on C:\Program Files\Minilyrics\Lyrics (default folder)
7. Download the latest TTPOD from this site.
8. Copy your lyrics files (.LRC) to your TTPOD Lyrics folder on your phone (default folder is c:\TTPOD\Lyrics, you better change it first to E:\Lyrics on TTPOD option page for easy copying via usb)

Download and Install on your PC

* MiniLyrics v7.0.676

* MiniLyrics Keygen CORE

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