Friday, February 11, 2011

Genuine Armor Hero - Light Legend V.1.00 240x320 EN

Genuine Armor Hero - Light Legend V.1.00 240x320 EN

Game description:
After the cycle of 12 years the Earth will once again face the darkest of evil monsters are opportunistic film industry rule of good human beings, with a large number of pollutants in a contaminated animal developed a manufacturing environment Pollution and social chaos.
For five generations to light the village boys had to wear armor handed down from ancient times, an Armor Hero, to accept the fate of the arrangement, take to save the planet, save the human task
2/4/6/8 keys: Movement
5 key: Attack
1 key: 1st Skill
3 key: 2nd Skills
7 key: Sealed the Beast
9 key: Maps
LeftSoftKey: the system menu
RightSoftKey: value store

Guangdong Olympic Culture Co., Ltd. fly animation
Content licensing:
Trihexyphenidyl Music Production

PS. Fight With the Bosses or the Leader of the Beast: please use Your (7)key to the ability of Monster Sealed. However You also use the tactic to drains the LifeBar of Your opponent in order to save Your EnergyBar in Game.
Do not forget to manage Your Special ability in a sealed function corresponding trough the Menu System: SwitchRole, while played.
When the time is just begun, You will able to play the 6 of Hero Charactere

Download :
Genuine Armor Hero - Light Legend V.1.00 240x320 EN

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