Thursday, February 10, 2011

[Java] Edumid's FunSMS v5.5 [Send Cool Special Effects & 3D Smileys]

[Java] Edumid

FunSMS is a SMS chat software that takes text messaging to a whole new level. IF BOTH SMS SENDER and SMS RECEIVER have FunSMS installed on their phones, they can exchange 3D Smileys,colorful animations,built-in sounds and web based content.
A single SMS can vibrate your friend s phone, flash its backlight,play a cool sound,display a message in color, font, size and animation selected by you, and open your web based pictures in his/her phone s browser.
All this at the cost of a single SMS.

Download :
Edumid's FunSMS v5.5 J2ME [Send Cool Special Effects & 3D Smileys]

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wong konsel said...

wah keren neh,,coba ahh

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