Friday, November 5, 2010

VanGuard Against Terrorist (New Armour V.1.0.) 240x320 EN by toncat23


Vendor : Beijing Wing Cicada Technology

This is Good Java Game, Run so Fast, Great Sound and Graphic

About story :
4 Men knows as a Vanguard's taking orders from their commander to rescue a Dr. That the suspect was abducted by terrorists, but in the middle of tasks, their commander gave a new command that is; for catch Dr. The one on purpose ...,
Together they perform their guerrilla against group of people who have unlimited funds. Fighting in the middle of Inca ethnic, but instead they were dealing with anchient Egypt. Does ethnicity have in common because both are known by their pyramid ?, so Find out !
In this version, You can have the ammunition and the backup that were not limited, use the menu options on the purchase of weapons purchase. Free via sms. Every time the program asks you to confirm send of the message, then let the program do it [press OK & OK until the game is in played mode !].

Every part of the stage has a different sound, You also can download other applications from vendors via the official web features.
special thnx to :
@HadesCubs [notice about this game]
@fas0 [downloading original from his post]
@mike & @Actraiser [tell Me the meaning of the word in a grafict]

Download :

VanGuard Against Terrorist [New Armour V.1.0.]