Saturday, November 6, 2010

FreeiSMS AllInOne M15 v1.10 Final S60v3 S60v5 Signed by junnikokuki


change log :

1.Rewritten interface UI engine, chat conversations, resulting in a more smooth scrolling effect!

2. New skin format support, more easily create a personalized love messages (there is no longer supported 1.09 version of the skin);

3. Simplified skin production, installation and management functions, the skin used to choose the way iPhone Coverflow, the skin effect of real-time preview, dynamic presentation; chat dialogue interface Added option to change the skin;

4. Skinning, you can configure the options more. Facilitate the producers to set the optimal skin effect; (skin making tutorial will be released OPDA Forum ZER classmates, flowers and applause gave him a warm welcome to create a new format Love SMS skin)

5. Chat dialogue interface add a picture expression support, send messages to visualize bubble selection and insertion;

6. Contact Interface Add "to add, clear picture" function, support jpg, png and other common image formats, picture settings and contacts within the contact head independently, and supports batch import picture;

7. Added functionality to ignore iPhone style tips: 3rd edition phones can be prompted by the # key closed, 5th Edition mobile phone users can click the upper right corner of the red cross tips off tips, but does not change the state of new information.

8. Optional message failed to send a reminder to install plug-ins: the short message information and the letter failed to fly, there will be sound or vibration alerts (subject to profile settings.)

9. For 5th Edition Touch platform, the contact interface, new gesture support: contact entries on the left in the program contacts the right plan can be labeled and unmark operation.

Download :

FreeiSMS AllInOne M15 v1.10 S60v3 v5 build101105 Beta Unsigned by junnikokuki

new release 13 november 2010
FreeiSMS AllInOne M15 v1.10 Final S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9x Signed by junnikokuki

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kalo boleh usul bisa ga kalo upload aplikasinya jangn di plunder? soalnya download cuma bisa 1 kali n susah.. thx

ngemig said...

udah cracked blm ?? :e:

Bayu.ranger said...

Blm gan, yg udh cracked cuma v1.08 by jnunikokuki mod by kisrof safi.
Versi keatas blm ad yg cracked :m:

Anonymous said...

cara download dr plunder gmn ya? ko g download otomatis stlh ada tulisan 'lets get your downloading' ? g ngerti sya

Bayu.ranger said...

Downloadnya pake hape atw pc gan?

Evelyn Daniela said...

gan ,,
kog aq nyoba download tapi gak bisa ya ??
di klik linknya tapi trus error gan ??
padahaal pengen banget gan

Bayu.ranger said...

Coba free-isms yang lebih baru gan

klik disini

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