Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thunder 2012 ML 240x320 320x420 English (Great Aero Shooting Games)

Thunder 2012 ML

Thunder 2012 Great Graffic & Sound
Long Studio
(Sheng-Day Record, Studio Longyou)

Era in 2012, fell, a strong earthquake, tsunami, crazy, hit the entire planet. This seems to be blindly pursuing their own long-term nature of the development of human punishment. In fact, the maker of all this evil is someone else. This behind the scenes planners is the planet's plant biology Saibo Tan. They are to find new energy, the planet occupied a lot of galaxies. And in the era of 2012, they will stretch the Earth of aggression ..

Thunder 2012 ML

_Crystals is: Chips (brain Robot), Composite (the power supply of Robot) & WarHead (a Robot Weapons).
_WingMan AirCraft: it's needed to Add more Props, also as a booming sacrifice. The blew up of WingMans give the effect of Fighter as Invisible.
_7'Key (depart. of block Energy): all Enemies Bullets will turn into Block Energy Points, ofcourse Save the Fighter too. Unfortunelly only once use in each level.
_0'Key: a limited of big Act (quantum Beam/Dragon Wing)

A ShortCut of Synthetice Robot:
To defeat the Saibo Tan, You need activated the Earth Robot, but still yet a wake up Robot until You Equipe the three of Crystals & Collected the numbers of the Block Energy, raise to 12.500's. Also completed with a lot of WingMan AirCraft.

*Store Interface:
_After the end conversation betwen the Union Fleet Executive & Jack (heroic pilot) at soon click the RightSoftKey (a store Interface)
scroll down to HP. Block button for buying (actually is free) the 10.000's of energy block, repeat it as much as possible for more larges number of ...
_Do conversion of for all Crystals type & WingMans (repeat conversion of wingman for your benefit)
_Back in Game!

* 9'Key: Assembly Menu
_If all Crystal is acquired & the Block Energy is full of tank, then Synthetice Robot is available. So do it!
_Back in Game & click LeftSoftKey (menu game) choose "Save Game?" in order to avoid the lost of data.
_Back to Game & start to killing!.

Thunder 2012 ML

Download :

* Thunder 2012 240x320 En

* Thunder 2012 320x240 En