Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opmin 4.3 Handler UI200B4-TURBO 3.0-ScreenShooter Mod By

Opera Mini Mod 4.3 Free Gprs Three

- New skin, more elegant than v4.2
- Open your data, wherever you need it
(bookmark, save page, history, etc)
- Share the best of the Web
to social networks such as Facebook,
Twitter, vKontakte and more to share a link in a snap.
- Manage your downloads
. You can pause
downloads, when necessary, and resume them when it is
- Less RAM needed
- and many more..

Mod Features:
*Turbo 3.0 Feature
*Screenshooter ( call key: screenshot key ; asterisk: ss setup key )


* delete .zip before install
* credits to yk_handler for The HUI version

Download :
Opmin 4.3 Handler UI 200B4-TURBO 3.0-ScreenShooter Mod By

2 komentar:

Anonymous said...

bayu@ pas di dunlud opmin ini, kok txt ci..
bkn jar or jip..
btw riq yg jar dunk

Bayu.ranger said...

Akhir2 ini kalo download dr punder make hp emg sering gtu bro. Utk mengatasinya coba masbro liat artikel ini.

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