Monday, March 28, 2011

GrafShot v0.33 beta EN by waryam (Java Image Editor)

GrafShot v0.33 beta EN by waryam (Java Image Editor)

With This Program you can create as their own image, and to edit already existing. For all this, there is a set of tools, effects and other extras. Feature of this program is to complete work with the opacity (if your phone supports it) with no locks or similar distortions, the tools are drawn more smoothly and seamlessly with the technology antialiasing and with all of this program consumes relatively little memory, ie, you can open a bigger image.

What's New In v0.3.3:

+ If the directory was deleted, did not work click the "Open"
+ In the panel postponed the alpha channel down
+ Redid tool "line", added the ability to change the thickness of the ellipse
+ Rewrote code opens / saves in bmp, added a new library to save in png
+ Completely rewritten interface
+ Optimized shading, added the option "tolerance." If you need to fill in an area where a lot of "noise", put a little more tolerance
+ Added a monochrome gradient palette
+ Added a blending mode
+ Added selection polyline
+ Do not save a png on nokiyah
+ Removed saved in gif, because it is crooked
+ Fixed some bugs

Download :
GrafShot v0.33 beta EN by waryam (Java Image Editor)

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