Monday, March 28, 2011

TTPOD v4.0 Final S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.x UnSigned FULL EN By Ayurvedic [26-03-2011]

TTPOD v4.00 Beta 3 EN S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.x UnSigned By Ayurvedic

New version features

1, lower operating memory footprint;
2, optimization songs switch threads to speed up switching speed;
3, the player interface to support loop sliding;
4, support Dream Star visualization switching;
5, increasing lyrics adjustment;
6, increasing the new landscape mode;
7, support custom equalizer;
8, increasing rejection song features.

A list of changes and new features

1, the list layout adjustment, return to play and recommended swapped every day;
2, the list supports semi-transparency;
3, the list drag the slider to increase rapidly;
4, the list add the menu, exit the program from the list;
5, increasing song sorting;
6, increasing the list of new features.

Add some personality features

1, the screen backlight Always switch;
2, exit prompts switch;
3, the word graph storage location setting;
4, Fade switch;
5, started playing switch;
6 position switch out memory;
7, unplug the headset to suspend switch;
8, the hold button to quickly return switch;
9, long press the volume side key the song switch.

Other functions

1, check for updates to increase functionality;
2, increasing Tell a Friend feature;
3, increasing feedback function;
4, increasing word graph error function;
5, increased night mode;
6, the splash screen support for jpg format.


1, solve the random mode, music player will repeat the question;
2, solve the "last played" in the song will play two songs loop problems;
3, the solution after setting the sleep mode, can not be canceled after the cancellation problem will still perform the operation.

Other Details

1, the mini-player can support image display;
2, scanning vibrating alert after the end;
3, Symbian3 one hundred volume optimization.

This version applies to the S60 Fifth Edition and Symbian ^ 3 touch-screen phone,
>> S60 Fifth Edition
Nokia 5230/5232/5233/5235/5238/5288/5250/5530/5800/5800i/5800w/5802XM/C5-03/C6/N97/N97i/N97 mini/X6
Sony Ericsson U1i (Satio) / U5i (Vivaz) / U8i (Vivaz pro)
Samsung i8910 HD
>> Symbian ^ 3
Nokia C6-01/C7/E7/N8

TTPOD v4.00 final

Download :
TTPOD v4.0 Final UnSigned FULL English By Ayurvedic [26-03-2011]

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