Sunday, March 6, 2011

[Gameloft] My Life In New York by kriker S60v3 S60v5 S^3


Discover a revolutionary social simulation on your mobile phone with My Life in New York! Set your own goals as you get a real taste of New York’s vibe and visit its most iconic neighborhoods. Furnish your apartment to make your own dream pad and interact with a variety of interesting people to build your circle of friends. Open choices and interactions will let you create your network and choose the career path that you want. Will you find your true love among the people you meet and start a family?


- A real life simulation in which you set your own goals and are totally free in your interactions.
- A unique taste of New York’s real vibe, inhabitants and most iconic neighborhoods.
- Create your avatar, customize your style and personality and buy stuff to decorate your place.
- Interact with NPCs, create a network of friends and participate in various events or parties.
- Find true love, get married, start a family and have a baby!
- Explore 6 different careers paths and climb up the ladder step by step.

Download :

* My Life In New York 240x320

* My Life In New York 320x240

* My Life In New York S60v5 S^3