Tuesday, March 1, 2011

System SEVEN Push Email v7.33 Build 6748 S60v3 S60v5 Signed

System SEVEN Push EmailSystem SEVEN Push Email

System Seven is a mobile application for various compatible devices on multiple operating platforms such as Windows Mobile, Android, Java, Palm and Symbian. It's a push email and instant messaging solution which is deployed around the world to many wireless operators and device manufacturers and made available to individual users and businesses.

Now although Nokia has its own push email solutions namely Nokia Mail and Mail for Exchange, the push functionality is unfortunately restricted to only two accounts, whereas System Seven allows automated push for multiple accounts.

- Boosted User Adoption: Seven drives near 100% adoption of messaging services.

- Increased Customer Loyalty: 93% of Seven customers would recommend the service to friends, family and colleagues

- Device Independence: Seven turns over 500 million phones into highly functional messaging devices

- Simplified Service Delivery: One platform for many services and devices eliminates delivery headaches

- Reliable, Proven to Scale: Millions of users worldwide rely on Seven to stay in touch anytime, anywhere

- Reduced Costs: One integrated solution for many services drive down costs from device integration to user support

- All You Need: Seven Push Technology can be applied to any data and any service.

Having won awards at the Global Mobile Awards 2008, this System Seven is private and secure with messages that are encrypted using AES standard, so only you can read your messages. No data is stored or replicated. Over the Air updates and upgrades are also pushed through to your device, so Seven and your device will remain up to date with the latest features.

Change Log:


* S60: Save Sender to Contacts command does not map address fields correctly.
* S60: Abnormal behavior while sending logs from the device.
* S60: Attachment downloading fails on certain rare occasions.
* S60: Client does not have any recovery logic when sync map is corrupted.
* S60: Hotmail: Reply All does not work.
* S60: Locked push settings are unlocked after changing weekend push setting.
* S60: No possibility to add line feed for signature.
* S60: Premium ISP list not scrollable.
* S60v5: Email viewer: Client behaving abnormally when trying to send an SMS to a contact queried from SEVEN contact search.
* S60v5: Sending of email from contacts/calendar while having multiple accounts activated always uses the default account.

Download :
System SEVEN Push Email v7.33 Build 6748 S60v3 S60v5 Signed

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