Monday, March 7, 2011

A Classic Ace Combat v1.0.2. 240x320 EN

A Classic Ace Combat v1.0.2. 240x320 EN

By the years 2036 AD, the human risk of the highest level ever discovered a planet, "dead" hit the roof of the Himalayas, causing the demise of three-quarters of the world's population. Just as people regain confidence, plans to rebuild their homes, they were meet Unknown biological attacks, such conventional biological weapon attack is not valid expanding to despair of the people, the three carry through the "dead" on the energy of the crystal top-end engine, developed the special machine into the battle, one of the world savior ...

A Classic Ace Combat v1.0.2. 240x320 EN

* Three AirCraft Options (different speed, weapons and power)
* Cheats Interface (Cracked Free; full fire power, unlimited Bombing)
* Activated a Genuine Resurrection After Dead over. (note: if You keep to continue the Resurrection, You will never placed Your Name in Your Own Scores Window)[/COLOR]
* Auto Save the Last Check Point (if You want a Continuing Game, after Choosing the 'AirCraft', then You will determined the Chapter and the Stage)

PS. By the pressing the RightSoftKey in an Introducing Chapter of Each ..., then You will able to Skip the Story Text.
"Download the Ace Combat English"

Download :
A Classic Ace Combat v1.0.2. 240x320 EN

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