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UC Thunder v1.3.0.1 beta Symbian S60v3 S60v5 platform released - Eng Menu By Hargovind [06.01.2011]

UC Thunder v1.3.0.1 beta Symbian S60v3 S60v5 platform released - Eng Menu By Hargovind [06.01.2011]

UC Thunderbolt is excellent, as mobile phones and other technology companies in mobile terminal platform based on the development of a Chinese language interface for mobile phone download software.

UC Thunder full-featured, easy to use mobile phone download software, it has a powerful multi-protocol support and resource aggregation, and support to download large files, support multi-tasking multi-threaded download, support HTTP, Thunder, Express, BT Download, and users to recommend the most popular download resource, providing vast amounts of resources to search and so on

1. Support Resources bulk download
2. To support night mode
3. Support manually select store directory
4. Support the new task start function Manual
5. Support "fine" classification of resources "upgrade" prompt
6. Support "high-speed download" link
7. Has been downloaded interface increase the "ictures" Category
8. Is download that increase the"Delete all tasks" menu
9. Is to increase the access point to download the interface shows
10. Document management interface to increase sorting

Functional Optimization:
1. Comes with a browser plug-correlation
: Downloaded from the built-in browser http resources, can be prompted to download box called UC Thunder
2. V5 feature optimization
: Click on the selected display, folding bar rolling translucent display, the details of the interface increase the "Download" button
3. Display Optimization: Manually update the display / prompt the progress of the upgrade process / bluetooth send progress / menu interface display
4. Recommended Resources update mechanism to adjust
* wifi access point to force automatic updates by 6 hours;
* when switching access points, if the switch is the wifi access point accesspoint, then activate the automatic update process after 30s;
* "Resource automatic update cycle" is set to system default, the client will automatically update cycle, the minimum limit to 6 hours.
5. Search for details of the interface to adjust
: When the release time, resolution, larger is not empty, can be displayed
6. Initialization was not successful interface optimization
7. Is download interface is not the task is displayed Tips
8. Too long and optimization of search keywords
9. Desktop, the optimal adjustment of floating window
10. Long Title Scroll trigger time optimization

Thank you Friends of the Friends of the UC Thunder on the support and feedback, we will continue to strive to build better products to improve everyone's experience.

Download :

* UC Thunder v1.3.0.1 beta Symbian S60v3 English By Hargovind

* UC Thunder v1.3.0.1 beta Symbian S60v5 English By Hargovind

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