Friday, January 28, 2011

Gdesk v0.35 Beta 4 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed {Turn Your S60v5 Device Into S^3 Device}

Gdesk v0.35 Beta 4 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed {Turn Ur S60v5 Device Into S^3 Device}

GDesk is a customizable and extendable desktop system for Symbian 5th editions devices. Icons can be placed on the desktop representing applications, page links and plug-ins; these can then be launched by tapping them. Plug-ins can be added at any time and as required; further plug-in functionality will be provided over time.

* Disabled periodic updates of all plugin icons, if GDesk in background.
* Fixed icon placement bug, when adding/replacing app/other on scrolled page

Symbian^3 Gdesk design: Credits to MrGlenneke
This design turns your S60v5 device into a Symbian^3 device. Don't use it for your own design. Install the files inside Music Widget.rar for the music player (credits to zavenfoizon)

- There is a Bluetooth and Wifi indicator, next will be LED Clock
- LED Clock, Charging indicator, Bluetooth and WiFi indicator are also shortcuts to Bluetooth and Wifi
- I've also uploaded the portrait bar and landscape bar if you want to add one.
Installation notes:
- Sign and Install gDesk v0.35.sis
- Sign and Install the 3 files inside the music wigests.rar folder.
- Transfer the S^3 gdd file and open it via gdesk.....Enjoy!!!
Download :

* GDesk v0.35 beta 4 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4

* GDesk Plugins.rar

* Bar image files - gdesk

* Music Widget - gdesk

* Symbian^3 GDD File for S60v5 - gdesk

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