Wednesday, January 5, 2011

EndClear v1.35 Unsigned English By HargovindB

EndClear v1 35 Unsigned English By HargovindB

Size: 103.8 Kb .
Category: Python 9-axis

Version: v.1.35;
Functional: Cleaner Garbage on the smart;
Compatible with: os.9.1 - 9.3 (theory is supported by 9.4 (Avt.));
Status: Free;
A new program from the Chinese in python to remove debris from the phone and installed applications.
* There is a choice of removal (manually, system cleaning, etc.)
* Integrated pyuninstaller, and work with files (copying and moving, etc.), compressing memory, reboot, system information, etc.

Changes in version:
* Could not be removed after scanning the file with a Chinese name;
* Any name, any suffix can check to delete unwanted files;
* Added search options to increase the total removal of the field;
* Optimize graphics menu shortcuts dob.kl (6), press (6) and can enter \ "suffix \" or Change Password.
* The Archive txt-file from which you'll learn what files and folders to clean this program, as well, if for any reason you can not use cleaners, then checking with that. Txt can clean your phone only means (napr.cherez X-plor).

Download :
EndClear v1.35 Unsigned English By HargovindB

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