Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opera Mini Mod (OPMOD) 4.2 RC4 Handler UI 123

Opera Mini Mod 4.2 RC 4 Handler UI 123

4.20 rc4 (18362) 04/02/2011

List of Changed

=> In the lists of command added "Clear."
=> in clock setting added to a permanent location in the form of an overlay in the upper right corner.

=> Change of drawing tabs.
=> Changed the location of items in the menu links. => Adding characters in direct input ".,/:_-~%$?=&!+#*@;' \ "() <>[]{}^ 1
=> Change of schedule.
=> At the opening menu, the icon of the system page on the tab change. => Edit drawing cursor expectations.
=> Turning the screen is not taken into account the indentation on the right.
=> Edit drawing tips for direct input when the shift to the right.
=> Edit draw a logo in the O program.
=> Edit page display settings.
=> Edit function de-coding service to and from Base64.
=> Edit draw top bar and the tab bar in landscape mode.
=> When you exit the program if the connection was opened by the shadow, then an error message.
=> If the full-text entry, a message appears when you exit an input field, entered text is not added to the page.
=> Edit Location command on the upper curb / tab bar.
=> to copy the link in the "Details", copy, and the word "Address:".

Download :
Opera Mini Mod (OPMOD) 4.2 RC 4 Handler UI 123

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