Tuesday, April 26, 2011

EndClear v1.60 S60v3 S60v5 English By Xitrumbinhduong

EndClear v1.60

EndClear v1.60 - Powerful garbage phone

This is an application (automatic or manual) is very strong on the Symbian phones. It will clean up all kinds of garbage on your smartphone: Something from the installation or uninstallation, from browsing the Web, view pictures .... with a single click.
In addition, it also includes integrated file management program allows you to cut, paste, rename, set password for files, folders ...
Specially, it included the pyUninstaller app very familiar and famous of Russia that you can cleanly removes any applications installed on the phone: Sis, Java, themes (theme) ...

* Note: Need install python b4 running

Version 1.60 is updated as follows:

1. Scanning C, E only or both.
2, Open the program will automatically add the option to clean.
3. Increasing depth cleaning of automatic thumbnails. (Can be used simultaneously with the automatic cleaning of EndClear)
4. Increasing choice of automatic cleaning after you leave the program.
5, Optimize access system to determine the uninstall.
6. Option cleans up the history.
7. Speed ​​up the suffix of the test data when deleting files.
8. To speed up scanning and cleaning of all applications.
9. Optimize the performance of free memory after memory compression.
10. Add a new path of garbage to the waste repository can safely delete.
11. Using the new module on multiple pop-up box to alert.
12. Modify the graphical interface while installing the background color of the text can not display red.
13. Added option to open ROM Patcher; shortcut "*" to see history.
14. This version of the file path and name of the configuration of other major changes. So, Before installing, please completely remove the previous version and delete the folder E-Apps-System-EndClear. After installation, recommended the "Help" for details and re-install configuration.

Download :
EndClear v1.60 S60v3 S60v5 English By Xitrumbinhduong

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