Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shadowbane A Sky Battle v1.1.3 240x320 320x240 English

Shadowbane 1 Sky Battle v.1.1.3

Shadowbane 1 Sky Battle v.1.1.3. or maybe Shadowbane A Sky Warfare

Background of the Western world, a fantasy action game. Devil players play a warrior, in the chaotic, frenzied, oppressive The Devil slowly grow. In order to continue to the end of the Millennium. Devil's brutal rule of the emperor, the hero decided to declare war on the Devil's evil forces. Monster in a powerful crusade against all the trials, the hero was the legendary creation of the sword. After that, he Military challenges will break the magic million Devil emperor and eventually become a Devil of War.

Shadowbane 1 Sky Battle v.1.1.3

Change Log:
* A better effect in a Game
* More difficult played

Tips (The Preparation):
_Before starting Game, please upgrade Your Attribut through the Attr Upgrade interface, for each there is an explanation of ...
Then the absorbing of the Orbs & Points will be significant. It's would help Player to made good of equipment conversion.
_For each killing the Bosses will add 1 or more equipment depend on rating Stage
_After Achievement of Swords (equipment) then You will have the Statistic Menu which it that You can placed the swords into the Integration Interface
_Integration menu only can use for Fusion if You are already throughout the Statistic Menu (always opened after finnish the Chapter or succee to terminate the Enemies Bosses)

Shadowbane 1 Sky Battle v.1.1.3

The Game Available for two modes of battle, Story Mode and Fight the Bosses(Castlevania)
Stored Feature:
For buying(actually not) the Resurrection, Unlimited Magic, Double Experience, 5000 of Orbs, unlocked A Castlevania Mode, 7 or 8 Points(upgrading all Attr include the four level of Magic. required of ...) etc.

Download :

* Shadowbane A Sky Battle v1.1.3 240x320 EN

* Shadowbane A Sky Battle v1.1.3 320x240 EN

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pertamax :c::c::c::c:
mintak game HD nya mas, yang terbaru nad ter-HOTTTTT :e:

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