Saturday, March 12, 2011

PerfMon v1.3 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS 9.x

PerfMon v1.3 S60v3 S60v5 S^3PerfMon v1.3 S60v3 S60v5 S^3

PerfMon v1.3 is an application with which we can monitor the performance of our device through various parameters.
The parameters that we monitor are:
* Physical Memory (C, D, E, F, G, H, I)
* GPU RAM (In N8 is dedicated, 32 MB)
* Power
* SWAP File

We can also see real-time monitoring in graphical mode, selecting the parameters you want to monitor, for this purpose in the Graphs tab, you must go to Options> Settings> tab above “Graphs” and selecting “Sources”.

Download :
PerfMon v1.3 S60v3 S60v5 S^3

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