Thursday, March 10, 2011

Opera Mini Mod 4.2 RC2 (17990) [UPdated 09.03.2011]

Opera Mini Mod 4.2 (17990) RC2 [UPdated 09.03.2011]

=> Window bar is painted reverse gradient of the top bar.
=> Minimum time for auto page is reduced to 1 second.
=> By Shortcut 49,”Copy Link” or via the links at first determined whether there is under the cursor image with the address of the picture and, if so, then copied to an image. Otherwise, copy the address transition.
=> When disabled shadows, color frame or the top border of the window bar, can be setted using color skin editor item of 14. “Bottom, * top bar: border.
=> cyclicity in the official file manager.
=> Icon fixed windows moved to the left side.
=> Changed the color scheme (“ Change Skin”)
=> Merger of classes with the same type designation. => Multibufer stored in the settings and is available between sessions. Deleted when you disable this feature in the settings and deleting browsing history.
=> When you save the page, you can specify a folder. The same folder becomes the current to save the other pages.
=> in the color scheme added items and 12 “panels: the inactive tab: gradient: the top” and 13 “panels: the inactive tab: gradient: bottom”.
=> Setting up replacement ‘.’ to ‘_’ when downloading files moved to navigation settings. There also added replaces ’ _ ‘. ” when forloading the files.
=> For Nokia removed circumcision text in lists.

=> were not activated color of the bottom bar and the top of the gradient selection in the menu.
=> When cleaning multibufer not cleared the current copied.
=> Correction clear the cache when you delete pages, due to changes in the type cache.
=> Fix the dimmer page.
=> in the edit tab / template, if you choose a folder other than the current one, check for matches are not conducted in a selected folder and in the current.
=> Exporting FTP- accounts created file has double extensions. Omf.
=> Update the status bar when opening a page from the network might end prematurely.
=> Icon 15×15 was in Indexed Color format.
=> After removing the server from the list if you leave the Network settings Cancel, it was impossible to get back into the settings network.
=> When creating a new FTP account is not exhibited the values of choice.
=> Changes for a j2me emulator – not processed by pressing soft keys.
=> In the templates, open the settings of the text after the import, click on the template led to an attempt to open links from the network.
=> The templates not shown in the tooltip value template, only the folder name.
=> When you import a template folders were not restored, if the export file with random patterns.

Download :
Opera Mini Mod 4.2 RC2 (17990) [UPdated 09.03.2011]

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