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Swype Pen Input v1.00 (13923) Beta S60v5 S^3 Signed 17 Languages Added (09.01.2011)

Swype Pen Input v1.00 (13923) Beta S60v5 S^3  Signed 17 Languages Added (09.01.2011)Swype Pen Input v1.00 (13923) beta s60v5 s^3

Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, the patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods?at over 40 words per minute. The application is designed to work across a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, kiosks, televisions, virtual screens and more.
Swype has worked closely with Nokia to bring you the best text input experience on your S60 5th Edition handset. Swype plugs directly into the Symbian input method to ensure seamless integration with every application on the device.

Swype excels in language support, allowing users to Swype in many different languages. Swype Beta for Symbian includes support for English US, Spanish, Canadian French, and Brazilian Portuguese. Extensive language support is part of our ongoing development and more languages will be supported in the future.

Key features:
* Standard QWERTY keyboard layout makes Swype easy to learn
* Use a stylus or finger ? Swype?s amazing input path analyzer allows you to go fast and sloppy. Just make a reasonable effort to trace through the word and Swype will do the rest
* Double Tap Editing ? Make a mistake? Double tap on a word to bring up a list of other possible matches.
* Auto-Spacing
* Auto-Capitalization
* Auto Spelling Correction
* Automatic Help ? Swype detects when you may be having trouble or might benefit from a particular feature and prompts you with helpful tips and instructions
* Instant access to Symbols, Numbers and Editing functions
* 65,000-word Learning Dictionary ? Chances are the word you are typing is already in the Swype dictionary. If it isn?t, just tap it out once followed by a space and Swype will remember it for future use.

Changelog: v1.00 (13923)
* Several crashes have been resolved including those related to backspace
* Spanish keyboard properly displays national character
* Performance relating to auto-capitalization, auto-spacing and general application speed has been improved
* A new language selection dialog has been implemented to improve readibility and UX
* Rotation no longer reverts Swype back to the default keyboard
* Application size has been reduced by 1.5mbs

Bugs Fixed:
* I autocapitalization issues
* Previous trace path shown after reopening mesagging
* Errant autocaps and full-caps with quick Swyping
* Swype and ICF out of sync
* Trace path into the textbox = no input, 'stuck' trace, possible crash
* New message during uninstallation of Swype
* [C6 9.2] Images in the emoticons menu are cut-off
* Poor backspace performance
* Crash on Page Up/Page Down/End/Home when there is no text in ICF
* Copy/Pasting text containing line breaks strips out line breaks
* Convert TIPs images to PNGs
* Select Text + Cursor Jump selections are nonfunctional
* Repeatedly pressing backspace crashes Swype
* Device idle forces caps lock
* Automatic keyboard rotation always reverts to the ABC layer
* [N97] Cannot delete in password fields, can only delete word back
* Swype should create its own language selection dialog instead of using WCW
* Confirmation message for deleting word from UDB in Spanish/French is cut-off
* Add language switching gesture to Nokia
* Swype should preseve input language selection on reboot
What's new in Swype Languages:
We are now starting to make extra languages available for Swype. You can find them on the download page right under the link for the main application. You wil still need the main Swype application installed before you can install the Language Dictionary. More languages will be added as they become available.

Download Main Swype:
Swype 0x200333FD v1.0 beta build 13923 SA S60v5 S^3 NAM.sisx

Download Swype Language Dictionary:
* Swype Bulgarian Dictionary

* Swype Czech Dictionary

* Swype Danish Dictionary

* Swype Dutch Dictionary

* Swype Finnish Dictionary

* Swype French Dictionary

* Swype German Dictionary

* Swype Greek Dictionary

* Swype Icelandic Dictionary

* Swype Indonesian Dictionary

* Swype Italian Dictionary

* Swype Malay Dictionary

* Swype Norwegian Dictionary

* Swype Polish Dictionary

* Swype Portuguese PT Dictionary

* Swype Russian Dictionary

* Swype Swedish Dictionary

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