Thursday, January 6, 2011

*HOT* TTPod Extreme v.3.71 (v1) S60v5 English/Portuguese by Léo Symbian (New icon + 60 skins)

*HOT* TTPod Extreme v.3.71(v1) S60v5 EN/PT by Léo Symbian (New icon + 60 skins)

Went one more version of TTPod by Leo Symbian, TTPod Extreme v.3.71 (v1) is the most complete player for music that exists. The news is up to the new development for Symbian S ^ 1 (S60v5).

TTPod is a nice player in our ears, completely free for Symbian is a software TTPod music player, with it you can set the playback, equalize, have the lyrics in songs to follow, sleep timer function, alarm clock and many other functions. Every day, putting his hands on the user's need for the direction of development, developers are striving to transform TTPod Aind powerful love, making it the most popular software music player of all time.

New version TTPod Extreme by Leo Symbian:
- New icon
- New Splash Screen
- 3D visualizations
- Translation English and Portuguese by Leo Symbian (English with new translation)
- + 60 skins to customize your TTPod Extreme
- Patch Included

Download :
TTPod Extreme v.3.71(v1) S60v5 EN/PT by Léo Symbian (New icon + 60 skins)

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RDPCB said...

Download na error trus nich bs mnta tlg buat link lain nda...

Thanx b'fore sdh share app yg mnarik...

Bayu.ranger said...

Linknya tidak ada masalah ko sob,,
ini ada tips downlod dari plunder. Kita bisa membuat mirror juga. Silahkan follow this link:
dan satu lagi, jangan extrak file.rar menggunakan xplore karena file akan rusak. gunakan PC mu atau Winrar v1.01 s60v3 s60v5 untuk mengekstraknya.
Download winrar disini:

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