Saturday, September 3, 2011

AD 1066 Gold - All Nokia Screen

ad 1066 gold
ad 1066ad 1066

AD 1066 GOLD
by: HandyGames
genre: Strategy

You are the scion of one of the oldest
noble families. Your liege William the
Conqueror, the duke of Normandy, is
ready to invade England. You were
chosen to command his army! Can you
defeat the Anglo-Saxon king Harold Godwinson and his fearsome knights
or will you be washed back into the
English Channel? Recruit new
soldiers, conquer cities, upgrade them
to castles and prepare for the final
battle at Hastings!

Download :

AD 1066 Gold 128x128.jar

AD 1066 Gold 128x160.jar

AD 1066 Gold 240x320 S40.jar

AD 1066 Gold 240x320 S60v3.jar

AD 1066 Gold 320x240.jar

AD 1066 Gold 360x640.jar

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