Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free iSMS v1.18 Official Signed S60v3 S60v5 S^3 {Update 12.08.11}

isms v1.18

Software :

iSMS AllInOne is a new and improved application with rewitten interface UI, chat conversations, resulting in a more smooth scrolling effect. Free-iSMS displays your messages in threads, it can schedule your messages, and it can send fake messages to your inbox too.
The fake messaging option of Free-iSMS works much better than Fake Messages and ActiveFile.

The message interface of iSMS is in dialogue style as iPhone. The complete functions make iSMS an ideal replacement of system messages. iSMS provides multi-channel of text message, iChat and Fetion, the optimum channel will be selected intelligently in premise of successful message delivery, which is reliable and money-saving.
iChat is a real time message function provided by iSMS.
The user can send text message to other iChat users without adding any contact. The real time communication is efficient and money-saving. The message delivery status will be shown as a small circle on the up left corner of the dialogue: rotating circle shows that the message is being delivered; a full circle shows that message has been delivered to the mobile of the contact; a tick on the circle shows that the message has been read by the contact. Since iChat is an instant message communication service, the user needs to set the network of the mobile as "net" and "Wifi". If the settings are cmwapctwap or uniwap, the user will not be able to use iChat service.The telecommunication operator will charge the data flow fee if the user chooses the "net" network.

Update :

1. Optimize the running Speed, the use of more fluid
2. Optimization Ailiao networking features,
significantly reducing power consumption and flow
3. Can not share pictures and sound to Ailiao friends
4. Support send and receive group messages Fetion thumb
5. Simplify text message status (sent, delivered, failure and other text labels)
6. Optimizing internal icons (channel icon, the sound / picture icons, etc.)
7. Repair MMS and wap push message icon
appears as a text message type icons. Enjoy this Official Version !!!

Download :

Free iSMS v1.18 Official Signed S60v3 S60v5 S^3 {Update 12.08.11}

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Riyan's said...

mampir bro ke

Anonymous said...

akhirnya si bozZ UPDATE juga,kirain udah g ngurus blognya.kemana az nih...

Anonymous said...

wah. .lama g update ente gan. .
Kiraian udh off slamanya kyk blog2 laen. .hhe
Siip. .ijin sedot ye. .wah. .lama g update ente gan. .
Kiraian udh off slamanya kyk blog2 laen. .hhe
Siip. .ijin sedot ye. .

hafidansori said...

dui nokia X-5 g bisa run tp bisa d install

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